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Words of Welcome

Yaish Travel & tourism Co. has been striving for excellence in the travel and tourism industry.

Offering only the best to its clients and partners, and aiming for distinction by continuously seeking innovative approaches to improve the quality of services.

Yaish Travel & Tourism Co. boasts a solid team of motivated, highly-skilled professionals backed by the state of the art technology.
our clear sense of commitment to serve our valued clients in the best manner makes Yaish Travel & Tourism Co. the leader in its field, successfully meeting the challenges of the new era in travel and tourism industry.

Maher Samhouri / Chief Executive Officer

Yaish Travel

For more than 30 years Yaish Travel & tourism Co. has been servicing our valued clients on all international airlines. To further improve the services provided to our client, Yaish Travel Division was established.
Today, by assimilating all new development in a rapidly changing market in the industry , Yaish travel have proudly put together a front offices for direct sales and a back office called Yaish Corporate Travel for Corporate Accounts to help companies organize, economize , streamline and account for their travel costs, paving the way of executives to achieves their objective with no problem and better cost efficiency.
Yaish Corporate Travel is equipped with the very best latest technology and a wide range of products ,as well as the ability to assist your company with precise cost-effective travel making and assign a dedicated highly experience travel consultant to handle all travel equipments of all corporate travelers. With the support of Yaish Travel consultants, customers rest assured that their trips are perfectly orchestrated and are as relaxed as possible.

Yaish Tours

Yaish Tours established in 1971 as large organization with specialized employees providing comprehensive rang of service to individual travelers, groups and special interest travelers. Our friendly and professional highly experience team helps guests put together a package that suits their needs and wishes. Yaish Travel & Tourism Co. is the pioneer in the field of outgoing tourism from Kuwait to all over the world. A successful combination of a dedicated outgoing department with trained and experience professional was created to further enhance the specialized service offered and to cater to the specific needs and requirements of holiday and business travel.

Yaish Holidays

Yaish holidays continues to maintain its position as a leader with the strength of more than 20 years behind it and the promise of a glorious future ahead of it with wide scope of services include:
- Family Leisure Vacations.
- Tailor-Made Packages.
- Exotic Honeymoon Packages.
- Treatment & Beauty Spas.
- Ski, Golf & Cruise Options.
- Religious Trips.
- Summer Schools, Language Centers & Executive Training.
- Worldwide hotel bookings for both business and leisure travelers.

Radius & Yaish partnership

RADIUS – the global company has been in the travel business for over 30 years it was the first company to establish a global network of independent travel agents. RADUIS is the world's largest travel management company with combined sales volume of over $16 billion (USD) in 70+ countries around the world and over 4600 travel agency location at 86 travel management companies. Through RADUIS YAISH is able to serve it clients all over the world.

Yaish Event Management

Kuwait is becoming the venue for regional and international conference, exhibition, seminars and workshops taking place in the various domain, be it business policy making or humanitarian work.
A booming serves industry, an array of international hotel chains, cutting edge communication and information technologies, advance transportation facilities and high quality service, in addition to an attractive and friendly have turned Kuwait into a beehive of meeting.

    Yaish Travel and Tourism
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